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Engage 1+ billion prospects with FlashIntel’s AI-powered workflows. Achieve faster deal closures and higher conversions through seamless integration of email, LinkedIn, Whatsapp and phone outreach.

4.7/5 G2 Rating

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Unified Experience, Unrivaled Results

Unleash the power of unified efficiency with FlashInfo. Our platform streamlines your process with a single interface that fuses multiple tools into one smooth experience.

Discard the clutter of disjointed systems and slow onboarding. With FlashInfo, your path to growth is harmoniously aligned, efficient, and accelerated. Welcome to the new age of seamless revenue acceleration.

Prospect Better

Uncover your ideal prospects effortlessly with FlashInfo. Harness the power of our advanced filtering options spanning contact verification, social intent, and job changes. Tap into our extensive data pool encompassing people's education, certification, work experience, and even geographical location. Also, keep your prospecting lists clean and updated with embedded real-time verification. 

Target Better

Uncover key insights and pain points through our 'Social Intent' feature, offering a deep understanding of your prospects' needs and interests. Utilize 'Topic Intent', 'Technology Intent' and 'Job Intent' to perfectly align your offerings. Tailor your approach and deliver personalized messages that resonate. Outmaneuver competition with precise targeting, powered by FlashInfo.

Pitch Better

Craft compelling outreach sequences with our customizable and AI-generated templates, optimize your email deliverability using the 'Warmup' feature, and boost your call efficiency with 'parallel dialing'. Adjust settings to ensure maximum impact, turning pitches into solid conversions. FlashInfo is your ultimate partner, transforming your pitching process into a success story.

The Top Choice in Rapidly Evolving AI Sales Technology

FlashIntel excels as a leading solution in Sales Dialer, Sales Intelligence, and Sales Engagement on G2, the world’s largest and most trusted software marketplace.

4.7/ 5 G2 Rating

Research Companies and People's Contacts in Real-Time

Extract real-time information from companies and people using our Large Language Model with Retrieval-Augmented Generation, designed to maximize data accuracy and relevance. Boost your conversion rates significantly with our In-Market Timing Engine, adept at identifying the right buyers who demonstrate the right intent signals (social, job, technology, topic) and are actively seeking your solution.


Omnichannel Sequences with AI Personalization

Execute a sequence over several days on your prospects’ preferred channels (email, phone, text, social), ensuring that each prospect receives a personalized message tailored specifically for them. Discover a summary of use cases for our AI-driven sequences in our knowledge base 

FlashIntel FlashIntel FlashIntel FlashIntel

Maximize Calling Efficiency with Parallel Dialing

Enhance your calling efficiency tenfold by utilizing up to 10-line parallel dialing. Engage only with prospects who answer, and avoid wasting time leaving voicemail messages or waiting for pick-ups.


FlashIntel FlashIntel

Respond to Inbound Leads Immediately Upon Form Submission

Guarantee a consistent response time of under 30 seconds through calls using our inbound AI Agent. This replaces the need for human SDRs by automatically handling your inbound leads. Click to see a live demo.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common frequently asked questions.

What is FlashIntel?

FlashIntel is a company that offers a suite of tools and platforms, including FlashInfo and FlashClick, designed to streamline and optimize sales and partnership processes. Through its innovative solutions, FlashIntel aims to provide businesses with the means to accelerate revenue and growth efficiently.

What security and data protection standards does FlashIntel adhere to?

FlashIntel adheres to GDPR, CCPA, SOC2, and ISO 27001 standards for data security and protection, ensuring that user data is handled with utmost care and in compliance with international regulations.

What is FlashClick and how does it benefit partnerships?

FlashClick is an innovative platform that supercharges partnerships with deep analytics, effortless scaling, and secure SSL encrypted tracking. It enables brands, advertisers, and agencies to automate and scale their Partnership Economy, engaging, tracking, monitoring, and optimizing traffic and distribution partners. FlashClick fosters a performance-driven partnership experience and helps businesses grow.

What analytics and insights does FlashClick offer?

FlashClick offers total tracking and monitoring, from meticulous pixel to SSL tracking. It delivers data-driven insights for maximizing partnerships and equips users with the information needed for strategic decision-making and performance fine-tuning.

How does FlashClick ensure the security of partnerships?

FlashClick safeguards partnerships through advanced features including advertiser security tokens, IP whitelisting, anti-fraud mechanisms, unique IDs, bot traffic prevention, and fraud detection. This creates a trust-rich environment between brands and publishers.

What is FlashInfo?

FlashInfo is a platform that streamlines processes with a single interface that combines multiple tools into one smooth experience. It eliminates the clutter of disjointed systems and slow onboarding, aligning the path to growth in a harmonious, efficient, and accelerated manner.

How does FlashInfo enhance sales intelligence?

FlashInfo enhances sales intelligence by providing a unified platform that brings together data from multiple sources. This gives users a complete picture of their customers and prospects, enabling them to make better decisions about leads, customers, and opportunities.

How can I get started with FlashInfo?

You can request a demo and sign up for FlashInfo by visiting the FlashIntel Global website. You can also sign up for free using your Google or Microsoft account.

FlashIntel FlashIntel