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Boosting Efficiency and Reducing Costs: Finnable Sees 5X Improvement in Call Effectiveness with FlashIntel


The Story of Finnable
Finnable is not your typical financial technology company. They have set their sights on revolutionizing lending in India through the provision of instant, hassle-free digital loans. From personal loans to education loans, Finnable covers a wide spectrum of lending needs. However, they grappled with a significant bottleneck – a manual, time-consuming dialing process that hindered operational speed and amplified costs.

 “Finnable’s partnership with FlashIntel has been a game-changer for us. FlashInfo has not only automated our dialing process but also provided us with rich data that has supercharged our lead generation efforts. We’re now able to reach more customers in less time, and our customer satisfaction has never been higher. And the cost savings have been substantial. FlashIntel has truly transformed our operations.”

Amit Arora, Co-Founder at Finnable Credit Pvt Ltd

The Challenge
The team at Finnable identified the pressing need for a radical change. They had to automate their dialing process to keep pace with their rapidly evolving industry and curtail expenses. Moreover, they were in search of a solution that could automate their dialing mechanism and simultaneously provide them with precise and dependable data to turbocharge their lead generation endeavors.

Enter FlashIntel
Their search concluded with FlashIntel. Through FlashIntel’s robust platform, FlashInfo, Finnable found the ideal answer to their operational bottlenecks. The Interactive Voicebot equipped with LLM-powered decision trees automated Finnable’s outbound dialing scenarios, marking a significant transformation in their operational efficiency.

The Impact
The benefits didn’t stop there. FlashInfo offered Finnable rich data and potent intent signals, which equipped Finnable to enhance their lead generation strategies. This feature enabled Finnable to connect with more customers in less time, leading to improved customer engagement and satisfaction. Most impressively, Finnable’s implementation of FlashInfo led to an astounding increase in call efficiency, with the system proving to be 5x more effective in facilitating productive calls. The result was an extraordinary boost in outreach, customer engagement, and reduced overhead costs.

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