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Cariera de Granit si Pietris din Soroca S.A.

Cariera de Granit si Pietris din Soroca S.A.

Cariera de Granit si Pietris din Soroca S.A., founded in 1970, is a company based in Moldova with 11 employees. Specializing in the Oil, Gas, and Mining industries, the company focuses on Quarry, Granite, and Stone. With a strong presence in Moldova, Cariera de Granit si Pietris din Soroca S.A. aims to provide information and support to consumers, aiming to improve the recycling of granit in the Republic, particularly in the civil and road construction sector. .Read More

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S.A. “Soroca Granite Stone Quarry” is located on the right slope of the floodplain terrace of the Dniester River, at a distance of 0.5 km east of the village of Cosauti, Soroca district, Republic of Moldova. Until 1970, the quarry mined quarry stone. The quarry stone was collected and loaded into vehicles manually. A crusher was installed in the quarry for the production of crushed stone from sandstones. Cosauti sandstone is a mineral, mined for the production of rubble stone, substandard tiles and architectural and decorative products. It is to be mentioned that the Cosauti stone has been used intensively in the architecture of the cities of Soroca, Chisinau and Iasi, conferring a unique appearance to these cities. The Cosauti stone is still widely used by architects from the Republic of Moldova, Romania, Russia and Ukraine, in order to emphasize the nobility and refinement of their creations. Since 1970, the development of a granite quarry began, which currently allows to meet the needs of civil and road construction of the Republic of Moldova. Since May 30, 1995, a joint-stock company was formed at the enterprise, and in 2000 the enterprise was privatized on the stock exchange. S.A. “Soroca Granite Stone Quarry” is the only granite quarry in the Republic of Moldova. In terms of the availability of fossil resources, the granite deposit consists of about 22 million m³ of rock, which corresponds to a total of about 56 million tons, representing a very important resource for providing Moldova with high-quality mineral raw materials of the local industry. Between 2009 and 2020, the shareholders of the career made significant investments in the company’s fixed assets, in order to modernize and increase the production volume of finished products. The capacity of the granite production plant, depending on the final product’s fraction, is: fraction 0-5 mm up to 300 000 tons per year; fraction 5-10 mm up to 100 000 tons per year; fraction 10-20mm up to 150 000 .Read More

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Cariera de Granit si Pietris din Soroca S.A. offers a range of products including Granit Concasat and Calcar de Cosauti. The company aims to become a platform for consumers, actionators, and workers in the company, focusing on the uniqueity of grain storage in the Republic of Moldova, particularly in civil and road construction. They collaborate with various institutions and aim to provide useful products for students and everyday people .Read More

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