Commodity Discovery Fund  
Commodity Discovery Fund

Commodity Discovery Fund

MVP Worldwide Logistics, founded on January 1, 2022, is a B2B company based in Blue Point, New York, United States. With a small team of 2 employees, the company operates in the transportation, logistics, and storage industries, specializing in freight and package transportation. .Read More

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Commodity Discovery Fund is a commodities focused Dutch investment fund. The investments mainly concern Canadian and Australian listed mining and exploration companies. Exploration companies with a significant resource discovery are almost always taken over within a few years by larger mining companies in search of additional reserves. By discovering locations with economically interesting concentrations of precious metals (gold, silver, platinum), base metals (copper, nickel, zinc), or other mineral resources (uranium, diamond, phosphate) billions in value are created every year. Commodity Discovery Fund is one of the few investment funds in the world with a very strong focus on these new commodity discoveries. The fund mainly invests during the discovery phase and during production start-up, when the most value is created. We therefore call this form of investing 'Discovery Investing'. Since the start in 2008, this strategy has led to four years with a gross return of more than 70%, an influx of 2000 participants, and more than 100 million euros under management.