Fzone, founded on January 1, 2022, is a company based in Beirut, Lebanon, with 9 employees. It operates in the industries of International Trade and Development, Credit Intermediation, and Financial Services. .Read More

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Fzone is specialized in sourcing and supplying local and foreign clients directly from International markets, worldwide auctions, Bigstocks, Freezones, and Wholesale deals. We are offering solutions to manage your supply chain more efficiently and we are facilitating your access to International markets. We have large variety of outstanding and high-quality products, materials and equipment, with supply solutions, starting from purchasing, transportation and insurance coverage. Our new office located in Beirut is a hub for international trade in the heart of the Middle-East. We are allocating our experience with European Markets to serve clients from the Middle-East, GCC countries, and Africa. We supply your business from International manufacturers in Europe, China, Japan and South Korea and from all around the word. Fzone will be your dependable partner for life. .Read More

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STRONG ESAGS Jnior offers a range of courses in administration, economy, accounting, law, public relations, and advertising. The school, established in 2014, focuses on preparing intellectual capital for businesses and the market. With a strong emphasis on quality, it has become the first institution in the state of SP to offer these courses .Read More

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