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JALP Consulting Ltd, founded on January 1, 2020, is a New Zealand-based company with a single employee. Specializing in Professional and Technical Services, Business Consulting and Services, the company offers end-to-end management and implementation of major projects, change management, policy development, and process implementation. With a focus on public and private organizations, as well as NGOs, Jendi Paterson is known for leading new facility developments from concept to completion, partnering with local, central, and NGO organizations. She maintains strong networks across various industries and interests. .Read More

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Jendi has a passion for the growth and development of people, businesses, and projects. That starts by working with teams and individuals to ensure they are performing at their highest levels, and surpassing expectations, be that on the sports field, in the office, at the board table or out delivering services to, and working with our communities. With a proven track record of guiding teams, stakeholders and community through positive, inclusive and proactive leadership. With strong communication and analytical skills she easily engages with all team members to get the best outcomes for all. She is both strategic and tactical, meaning she can deliver sound and practical guidance, and implement that guidance quickly and efficiently, focusing on operational excellence, capital planning and delivery and sound sensible governance advice. Jendi started off in sport and recreation, playing on the field and moving into the board room; providing her with a passion for performance and drive for win