RENNA, founded on January 1, 2017, is a small company based in the United States with 2 employees. Specializing in retail luxury goods and jewelry, the company focuses on jewelry, sustainability, bridal, engagement rings, gemstones, and wholesale. .Read More

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Renna's mission is simple, to create jewels of exquisite quality for the modern woman. We believe this can be done with minimal impact to the natural world that has inspired Renna's creativity and connection with her mother since childhood. The DNA of RENNA lies in the emotional power of two coffee bean shells that she and her mother found on Salt Creek Beach in Laguna when she was nine years old. Her mother kept them in her safe deposit box and began making golden shell jewelry from them throughout the 1990's in Southern California. RENNA is the continuation of this tradition, love and heritage reimagined for today's woman. .Read More

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