ROBBO Club UAE is a higher education company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with a single employee. Specializing in B2B and B2C activities, the company operates in the higher education sector. .Read More

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ROBBO is an International School of Robotics and Open Programming headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. Fun online learning of Programming + Circuit Engineering + 3D Modeling for children of ages 8–15 from anywhere in the world. ROBBO Club UAE provides not only online courses. We believe in teamwork, social engagement and real interactions between kids sharing similar interests and goals, challenging each other and building their dreams together. We have crafted interactive events and tailored-made workshops to engage little ROBBO masters offline. Our B2B engagement program has been designed for partners and organizations supporting children wellbeing, carrying for their future and enhancing their career development in a highly competitive environment. If you would like to arrange a Family Day for your employees and bring their kids together ROBBO is a great partner to do this – with fun and learning the same time. 50,000+ children attend schools and clubs in 20+ countries of the world: Finland, Thailand, UK, USA, Spain, Vietnam, China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Tajikistan, Israel, Germany, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Romania, Nigeria, South Africa, Turkmenistan, UAE. Awards: * Google RISE Award (Roots in Science and Engineering) * Finlanding competition from the Finnish government * Fukuoka Startup Japanese Government Technology Projects Competition and more to come … Join the growing community of future engineers NOW! .Read More

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