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The Electric Sales Trainer, founded on January 1, 2020, is a UK-based company with a single employee, specializing in Professional and Technical Services and Business Consulting and Services. Specializing in wire, the company offers a range of services including sales development, sales management, and business development. Their focus is on empowering people to win more customers, increase sales, and amplify profit margins. With a focus on time management and planning, The Electric Sales Trainer aims to help businesses overcome challenges and improve their sales performance. .Read More

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I Wire your people to win more customers, increase your sales and amplify your profit margins Concerned about the lack of prospecting taking place for new business? Unhappy with your sales revenue figures? Worried as you watch your profit margins suffer? Frustrated because your salespeople have the will but lack the skill to succeed? Disappointed as you watch your managers fail to motivate their teams? Irritated that time management and planning is a bit of a joke? I can fix all these problems (and more) I understand your frustrations, I know exactly why these things happen and I know how to help fix them Over the past 12 years, I've helped over 2000 Salespeople and Managers increase their performance I've coached over 400 people throughout the UK and parts of Europe in the electrical industry I’ve delivered prospecting training responsible for more than £1mil in new business. If you’re looking for someone to come in and deliver a couple of days training every 12 months, you’ve come to the wrong place. I only train electrical salespeople. I know our industry and the unique challenges we face so I know that approach doesn’t work. Sure, you might see a boost in your revenues immediately after a one-off training session. But before long, the enthusiasm wears off, memories fade, and your salespeople are right b