ToUtoring is a higher education company based in Moldova with 4 employees. It operates in the Edtech, Education, Tutoring, and Online industries, offering a range of services including B2C and B2B services. .Read More

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Our start up has its roots in the education field and it does solve core problems that are usually occurring in the life of almost every student: 1. School environment can be very tough which often demotiavates. 2. There is lots of information provided that confuses rather than clarifies 3. Old and outdated school methods/books used/ 4. General and depersonalized approach 5. School is 100% on set that leads to potential gaps in further understanding with just one absence at school. I came up with a solution that is poised to help solve those problems-ToUtoring, an online tutoring and learning service that delivers a personalized, face-to-face online studying experience for pupils of age 16-18( lyceum). We will cover subjects such as Math, Chemistry, and English, them being mostly on demand. WHY US? Our platform is hiring young tutros that are students that have great performances in subject that we offer lessons for. We believe that a smaller age gap between the schoolkid and its potential tutor makes the learning way more efficient and enjoyable. Shortly, students are more relatable to a pupils needs because they have been there not a long time ago. .Read More

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