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FlashInfo vs. RocketReach

Accessing professional contact data is the core of RocketReach, but FlashInfo’s emphasis on GTM strategies suggests a more holistic engagement with the market. Journey with us through this comparison and see how FlashInfo might reshape your business’s trajectory.

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More than 10,000 revenue teams rely on FlashInfo, enhanced by its seamless integrations:





Contact Lookups

(700M+ profiles)

(700M+ professionals)

Mobile & Direct Dial Phone Numbers
Rollover Lookups

(Up to 12 months)

Professional Emails

(Verified business emails)

Personal Emails

(Verified personal emails)

People Search

(By location, job title, topic intent, job intent, topic intent. and diversity filter)

(By name, company, job title,location)

Company Search

(By location, industry, revenue, funding,employee count, and technographic data)

(By name, industry, location, size)

Bulk Lookups

(Quickly lookup and download a batch of prospects meeting your target criteria)

Technographic Data



Contact & Company Lists

(Organize your contacts and companies for better efficiency)

(Not mentioned)

Browser Extension

(Linkedln, Twitter, Facebook)

(Linkedin only)

Org Chart


job intent

(Search for companies actively hiring)

topic intent

(Select social intent)

power Dialer


Deliverability Strategies

(Embedded strategies To improve email delivery rate)

AGI-driven Product Design

(AGI-powered platform for data accuracy and advanced features)

Access the most accurate prospect data


People Profiles


Email Addresses


Direct Dials


Company Profiles

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Top-rated sales intelligence platform

Avg 97%

Top-rated revenue acceleration platform

Avg 99%

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common frequently asked questions.

What are the primary functions of FlashInfo and RocketReach?

FlashInfo serves as a Go to Market (GTM) platform, designed to provide businesses with tools and strategies across different sectors to bolster market presence and engagement. RocketReach, on the other hand, is a tool dedicated to providing access to professional email addresses and phone numbers, aiding users in finding and connecting with professionals and decision-makers across industries.
How do both platforms manage professional contact data?
While FlashInfo focuses broadly on GTM strategies which may encompass various data-driven insights, RocketReach specializes in offering accurate contact details, including emails and phone numbers, of professionals. Users can search by name, company, or LinkedIn URL.
Which platform offers broader integration capabilities?

FlashInfo’s emphasis on tech stack consolidation implies robust integration features with a variety of tools and platforms. RocketReach offers an API and has integrations with platforms like LinkedIn, enabling users to extract contact details directly from LinkedIn profiles.
How do the platforms ensure data accuracy and privacy?

FlashInfo, given its broader strategic focus, would likely prioritize data accuracy to provide effective market insights. RocketReach commits to providing accurate contact data and operates under compliance with global data privacy standards, including GDPR, ensuring users access data ethically and responsibly.
How should businesses decide between FlashInfo and RocketReach?

The decision should be based on a company’s specific needs. If a business is leaning towards refining its GTM strategies with a more holistic approach, FlashInfo could be a better fit. However, for teams primarily interested in expanding their professional network or seeking accurate contact details for outreach purposes, RocketReach would be the preferred choice. As always, experiencing both platforms firsthand through demos or trials can provide a clearer perspective.