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FlashIntel Becomes an Official Partner on Databricks Marketplace

San Francisco, CA – FlashIntel, a premier Go-to-Market Intelligence company, is thrilled to announce its official partnership with Databricks, marking its listing on the Databricks Marketplace. This collaboration underscores FlashIntel’s commitment to providing top-tier B2B data solutions and further solidifies its position in the ever-evolving business arena.

FlashIntel on Databricks Marketplace: In the Databricks Marketplace, FlashIntel’s Firmographic Data Cubes offer unparalleled access to essential B2B data, forming the cornerstone for informed go-to-market strategies. These data cubes empower businesses to understand their total addressable market, enhance segmentation, and obtain comprehensive insights, ensuring complete account intelligence for market motions. The data is meticulously curated for sales and marketing, emphasizing the company’s HQ and location-specific insights. It stands out due to its industry-leading match & fill rates built on logical business relations.


Benefits of FlashIntel’s Firmographic Data Cubes:

  • Establish a robust and inclusive data foundation for TAM.
  • Combat data decay with regular data updates.
  • Elevate analysis, reporting, and modeling with complete customer profiles.
  • Simplify data integration and analysis, especially on platforms like Databricks.
  • Bypass credit constraints with scalable data delivery.
  • Reduce manual data preparation and validation efforts.
  • Boost data governance and compliance measures.

FlashIntel invites businesses to experience the depth and precision of their Company Firmographic data firsthand. By scheduling a demo, companies can gain a comprehensive understanding of FlashIntel’s offerings and receive a sample of their firmographic data.

For more information or to schedule a demo, interested parties are encouraged to reach out directly to FlashIntel.

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