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FlashIntel Introduces Personalized Caller ID Feature to Boost B2B Sales Conversion Rates

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SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 27, 2023 / -- FlashIntel, a leader in go-to-market intelligence, today announced an exciting new feature in its FlashInfo platform – the ability to use personal phone numbers as caller IDs, a strategic move designed to revolutionize B2B sales interactions.

This innovative feature allows sales and marketing professionals to incorporate a more personalized approach in their outbound communication. By enabling users to display their personal number as their caller ID, FlashIntel is bridging the gap between professional outreach and personal engagement, a critical factor in establishing trust and authenticity in B2B relations.

“Personalization is increasingly becoming a cornerstone of effective B2B sales strategies. With this new feature, FlashIntel is enhancing go-to-market intelligence by allowing businesses to establish a more intimate and trustworthy connection with their prospects,” stated Todd Schecter, VP of Sales, at FlashIntel.

The feature is designed to cater to the nuances of B2B sales, where building relationships and maintaining credibility are key. By offering a more familiar and personalized calling experience, FlashIntel aims to improve engagement rates and ultimately drive higher conversion rates in sales processes.

This release is part of FlashIntel's continued commitment to providing innovative solutions that refine and enhance go-to-market strategies for businesses around the globe. The company’s focus remains on developing tools and features that empower businesses to adapt, thrive, and lead in their respective markets.

For additional information about FlashIntel and the new Personalized Caller ID feature, please visit this article.

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