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FlashIntel Announces the Launch of Parallel Dialing Capabilities in FlashInfo – A Game Changer in Sales Engagement

FlashIntel Announces the Launch of Parallel Dialing Capabilities in FlashInfo - A Game Changer in Sales Engagement


SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 26, 2023/ -- FlashIntel, a global leader in Revenue Acceleration and Go-to-Market Intelligence Solutions, today announced the addition of Parallel Dialing capabilities to their flagship product, FlashInfo. This revolutionary feature is set to supercharge sales operations, enabling sales representatives to effortlessly make over 350 calls daily and exceed quotas, irrespective of market conditions.

Parallel Dialing, an advanced sales engagement feature, allows sales representatives to dial multiple contacts concurrently, drastically increasing the number of calls made per day and significantly reducing idle time between conversations. This new functionality enhances efficiency and productivity, empowering sales teams to smash their quotas, even in challenging economic scenarios.

"FlashIntel is committed to continuously innovating and providing cutting-edge solutions that help sales teams accelerate their revenue growth," said Todd Schecter, VP of Sales at FlashIntel. "The integration of Parallel Dialing into FlashInfo revolutionizes the way sales teams operate, making prospecting more effective and seamless."

With the addition of Parallel Dialing, FlashInfo enhances its robust suite of sales intelligence and engagement tools. Users can now connect with prospects faster, maintain their focus on valuable leads, and ultimately close more deals in less time. Moreover, this feature is an extension of FlashInfo's Engage Tab, which is designed to optimize engagement with prospects and includes a power dialer, multi-channel sequences, mailbox warmup, AI-generated email content & call scripts, and mailbox health monitoring.

The addition of Parallel Dialing represents FlashIntel's continuous effort to redefine the landscape of revenue acceleration by integrating advanced technology into its platforms, thereby ensuring their customers stay ahead of the curve.

About FlashIntel
FlashIntel is a leading provider of Go-to-Market Intelligence Solutions globally. Known for its flagship product, FlashInfo, the company equips revenue teams with the tools they need to identify relevant prospects quickly, connect with them effectively, and accelerate their sales process. Through its innovative features, FlashInfo delivers a unified platform for Sales Intelligence and Engagement capabilities, helping businesses thrive in any economic climate.

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