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GAI Technologies Expands Globally with FlashIntel, Witnesses 100% Increase in Sales Pipeline and 50% Revenue Uplift


Meet GAI Technologies
Located in the picturesque state of Himachal Pradesh, India, GAI Technologies has been making an impact in the web solutions industry for over 12 years. Specializing in Drupal development, website maintenance, and site migrations, their work stands out for its quality and reliability. Yet, they aimed higher – envisioning themselves as players in the global market.

“Collaborating with FlashIntel has felt like acquiring a new superpower. The FlashInfo platform has equipped us to engage more targeted prospects in the global market, and the outcomes have been staggering. We’ve broadened our reach, elevated our customer engagement and satisfaction, and experienced a significant surge in our sales pipeline and revenue. And we’re just warming up. FlashIntel has genuinely elevated our business to greater heights.”

 Ajay Kumar, Founder of GAI Technologies

The Global Challenge
To translate their vision into reality, GAI Technologies knew they required an edge, a secret weapon. They were in need of an innovative solution to find and engage with targeted prospects worldwide. They sought a tool that could provide them with precise, reliable data to fuel their lead generation efforts.

FlashIntel to the Rescue
FlashIntel emerged as their ally. With its FlashInfo platform, FlashIntel endowed GAI Technologies with the much-needed advantage. FlashInfo’s rich data and intent signals functioned as a global compass for GAI Technologies, guiding their path to more targeted prospects in the global market.

The Global Impact
The results were astonishing. GAI Technologies managed to connect with more targeted prospects in a fraction of the time, enlarging their global footprint. They witnessed higher levels of customer engagement and satisfaction, bringing their global expansion dreams closer to fruition. Remarkably, within the first quarter of deploying FlashInfo, GAI Technologies saw their sales pipeline swell by 100% and their revenue grow by 50%.

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