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Trending Industry Events Targeting

Trending Industry Events Targeting

The “Trending Industry Events Targeting” GTM (Go-To-Market) play focuses on identifying businesses that actively engage in discussions about industry events. This play recognizes the importance of monitoring and leveraging conversations related to industry events to identify potential prospects, build relationships, and establish thought leadership within the target industry. By detecting businesses that frequently discuss industry events, you can gain valuable insights, engage in relevant conversations, and position your products or services as solutions aligned with their interests and needs



Messaging Template

Subject: Congratulations on your funding round!

Body: Hi [first name]:

Congratulations on your [series] funding. We work with a lot of companies in the [industry] to help them[value prop] post-funding. Here’s a case study you can read about how we helped [similar reference company] following their [series].

[hyperlink to case study/testimonial page]

[senority speicifc ask]


[sales rep first name]

Workflow Preview
Trending Industry Events Targeting
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