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India Finnable tackles industry challenges with FlashAI

As a licensed financial institution in India, Finnable is one of the fastest-growing fintech companies across India. Aims to provide quality financial services to the public.

With the rapid expansion of business, Finnable inevitably faces common challenges in the financial industry:

1. Cost challenges. With the rapid expansion of business, Finnable had to recruit more employees. The increase in the number of employees will not only significantly increases the cost of payroll, but also overlay management costs, administrative costs, and any other costs.;

2. Personnel challenges. Financial services need good customer reach, in this process, the financial language should be strict and standard at the same time to be easy to understand, which greatly tests the staff's business ability and communication level;

3. Brand challenge. Differences in the quality of staff, it is very likely that the company's brand reputation risk due to non-standard operation;

4. Uncontrollable risks caused by the mixture of cost, personnel, brand, and other issues.

FlashAI's market research and project analysis revealed that the above challenges are not unique to Finnable. In other words, these challenges are inevitable for financial companies after they reach a certain stage of development. If the challenges are successfully completed, the company can go to the next level and gain a broader development prospect and business growth rate. Failure to meet the challenges will inevitably lead to business stagnation and even business crises.

In response to this situation, FlashAI and Finnable fully communicated with each other and decided to tackle the challenge by adopting two strategies: cost reduction and efficiency improvement and high-quality standardization, in order to ensure rapid business growth, reduce overall costs and improve service quality, and reduce the occurrence of uncontrollable risks.

FlashAI firstly built an intelligent marketing system for Finnable to match the business increase. With a small number of business backbone and AI voice robots to form an efficient and high quality “human + machine” collaboration mode, not only effectively control the cost of new staff, but also optimize the existing staff structure with high quality, and achieve the goal of reducing the overall cost by 50%.


At the same time, FlashAI, based on the intelligent marketing system, combined with Finnable's business development needs and the market situation of the financial industry in India, quickly produced high-quality standardized voice techniques adapted to different scenarios, and together with the 7*24h round-the-clock service of AI voice robots helped Finnable significantly reduce the cost of developing voice techniques and personnel training. The application of high-quality standardized voice techniques has brought about an increasing rate of positive feedback from customers while solving the potential risk of brand risk caused by irregular operation of employees.


Along with the increase and accumulation of usage hours and customized scenarios, FlashAI has helped Finnable to increase productivity by 50%. Currently Finnable is able to complete 50% of its business share in 4 business days, an efficiency that leads the industry. This also means that Finnable can provide quality service to a larger number of customers, and this is accompanied by an ever-increasing rate of positive customer feedback. These results have given Finnable a significant competitive advantage.


“We have been using FlashAI for over 18 months. It has increased our productivity by almost 50%, which has resulted in a high ROI for us. Innovative and cutting edge work by their technology team.”

Nitin Gupta, Finnable CEO & Co-Founder

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