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$100M ARR – Evolve from founder-led sales to scalable GTM

$100M ARR – Evolve from founder-led sales to scalable GTM

Watch and discover the secrets to scaling your business and reaching $100M+ in annual recurring revenue. Our expert panel will share their insights on how to transform your go-to-market strategy and evolve from a founder-led sales approach to a scalable GTM engine.

In today’s economy, it’s more important than ever to maximize the effectiveness of your sales organization. In this webinar, we’ll cover the latest trends and best practices for maximizing impact while still being cost-effective.


The discussion also includes:

  • What factors a startup should consider when deciding on a GTM strategy
  • The challenges involved in scaling a sales organization
  • How the GTM motion changes during each stage of a company’s growth
  • The 3 GTM motions with the highest impact
  • Cost-effective strategies for generating more demand
  • How to maximize productivity of sales reps
  • The importance of Intent and how to leverage it in your GTM strategy.