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Supercharge Your Sales Efforts with FlashInfo Parallel-Dialer

Boost productivity, accelerate sales cycles, and improve conversions with FlashInfo’s AI-powered Parallel-Dialer solution.

Integrates with your tools


Efficient Parallel Dialing

FlashInfo’s parallel-dialer feature enables you to manage multiple calls concurrently, ensuring your sales team works at optimal efficiency.

Integrated Call Scripts

With FlashInfo, you can create and assign call scripts, ensuring your sales team communicates effectively with prospects during parallel dialing.


Call Recording and Tracking

FlashInfo provides call recording and tracking features, allowing you to monitor and review your sales calls for continuous improvement.

Improved Sales Strategy

Use the insights gained from efficient parallel dialing to refine your sales strategy. Understand what works, adapt your approach, and achieve better results with your sales calls.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common frequently asked questions.

What is the Parallel-Dialer feature in FlashInfo?

The Parallel-Dialer is a feature in FlashInfo that allows users to dial multiple contacts concurrently. This feature significantly enhances the efficiency of reaching out to prospects, thereby increasing the productivity of sales teams.

How does the Parallel-Dialer ensure efficiency in the call process?

The Parallel-Dialer allows you to dial multiple numbers at once, ensuring that no time is wasted in between calls. As soon as one call is finished or goes to voicemail, the next call in the sequence is automatically dialed, ensuring maximum efficiency.

Can I use call scripts with the Parallel-Dialer feature?
Yes, FlashInfo allows you to assign specific call scripts for use within the Parallel-Dialer settings. These scripts can be customized to fit your sales pitch or the specific needs of each prospect.
How can I monitor and manage the calls made using the Parallel-Dialer?

FlashInfo provides comprehensive call tracking and management features. You can monitor the status of each call, record calls for quality assurance and training purposes, and even schedule calls for optimal times.

Is the Parallel-Dialer feature compliant with telecommunication regulations?

Yes, FlashInfo is committed to ensuring compliance with all relevant telecommunication regulations. It has robust features in place to manage Do-Not-Call lists and to ensure proper call dispositions.

Can I integrate the Parallel-Dialer feature with my existing CRM?

Yes, FlashInfo can be integrated with various CRM platforms. This ensures that all call data and activity can be efficiently captured and logged in your existing CRM system for future reference and action.