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Aaron Shurts is a highly experienced professional with 28.4 years of work experience in various roles related to enterprise software, software project management, and cloud computing. He has a strong background in enterprise architecture, software development, and integration. Aaron has worked at renowned companies like Beamery and Flexera, where he held positions such as Regional Director, Sales Engineer, and Senior Solution Engineer. He is currently the Co-Founder & Creative Director at Mentor. Aaron is based in the United States and has a proven track record in the IT industry. .Read More

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... at Flexera Software. Location: Toledo, Ohio Area; Industry: Computer Software ... Aaron Shurts. Co-Founder & Creative Director at Mentor. United States... .Read More

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I keep seeing this meme and it’s ridiculous. With hindsight, it’s easy to point fingers and say, “haha they were dumb”. In 1998, Google didn’t have a solid monetization strategy and was BLEEDING money building expensive proprietary search appliances. In 2002, that was pre-ipo Google, and their costs were still vastly outweighing their income. The market had absolutely fallen out of ad revenue with some CPM rates dropping over 90%. In 2008, Yahoo’s market cap had grown over 400% in the previous 6 years, and while it had started to experience a decline; they had no reason to believe that this wasn’t directly associated with the housing crisis. And at one point in their history had $100B+ market cap so why couldn’t they eventually reattain that? In the end, Verizon made the poor decision. Knowing everything they knew about its history and the search market in general - spent close to $5B on Yahoo which they later sold their entire Verizon Media subsidary which included AOL for $5B. Point being…this is super unhelpful presentism. The only takeaway of which is, you’re going to look back on decisions you’ve made and realize sometimes they were the wrong ones, but were likely operating under the BEST understanding you had at the time. This has no value as some cautionary tale or investment bro’s “I would have done better” attitude. .Read More
December 10 2023
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Vervoe's mission is to make hiring about merit, not background. We help employers make hiring decisions based on how well candidates can actually do the job instead of how good they look on paper. Vervoe replaces the traditional hiring process with skills assessments and gives every candidate an opportunity to showcase their talent by doing job-related tasks. Then, Vervoe uses machine learning models to automatically rank candidates based on how well they perform. Over hundreds of companies have used Vervoe to hire top performers in 10% of the time. Our customers don't spend time doing résumé or phone screening. Instead, they deploy skills assessments at the top of the hiring funnel and only meet the most suitable candidates after their skills have already been validated. .Read More

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