Ahmad Akram

Ahmad Akram

Ahmad Akram is an experienced professional with 18.7 years of work experience. He has a strong background in customer service, cricket, and finance. Currently based in Lahore, Pakistan, Ahmad is the owner of Warid Telecom. He has been working at Warid Telecom since 2005, where he is responsible for general management. Warid Telecom, founded in 2004, is a telecommunications company with a focus on telecommunications, information, and cultural products. .Read More

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Owner at Warid Telecom .Read More

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Warid Telecom
Warid Telecom2005-01-01 - Present
Warid Telecom is a 100% owned company of the Abu Dhabi Group and offers state-of-the-art telecommunication services at over 7,000 destinations in Pakistan. Warid Telecom launched its cellular services in Pakistan in May 2005. As an organization, Warid Telecom prides itself in being contemporary, approachable and constantly innovating. With achievements ranging from having one of the largest postpaid bases, most loved youth & prepaid brands, international roaming and nationwide coverage, Warid Telecom's selection of value added services makes communication effective and enjoyable. .Read More

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  • Bachelor Of Business Administration (b.b.a.)2011-01-01 - 2015-01-01