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Anthony Deal is the founder of Digi@sens, a company based in France that focuses on digital transformation. With over 5 years of experience, Anthony has a strong background in project management, strategy, and organization. He has successfully led digital initiatives, implemented innovative strategies, and managed change management. Anthony's expertise lies in guiding clients through every aspect of digital transformation, including project management, market studies, and employee engagement. He is dedicated to bringing businesses into the digital age and bringing them to the table. .Read More

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🚀 Ready to boost your business with the power of digital transformation? 👋 Hi, I'm Anthony, founder of Digi@sens, where we leverage 20 years of experience to bring exceptional value to our clients. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, we help businesses tap into new opportunities for growth. 🎓 My journey began after graduating from ESC Toulouse and pursuing a specialized Master's in Information Systems and Technology Management at HEC-ENSMP. Inspired by early experiments in B2B e-technologies, I launched my career at Cap Gemini Consulting, where I worked on projects related to e-Business, emerging technologies, and information systems. 🌐 My expertise lies in guiding clients through every aspect of digital transformation, including: 1️⃣ Project Management: Ensuring smooth execution and successful delivery of digital initiatives. 2️⃣ Strategy and Organization: Creating tailored strategies that align with your business goals and drive results. 3️⃣ Benchmarks / Market Studies: Analyzing market trends and competitive landscapes to inform strategic decision-making. 4️⃣ Software/Tools Implementation: Assisting in the rollout of digital solutions like Travel & Expenses, P2P, eProcurement, eSales, and eBilling. 5️⃣ Change Management: Navigating organizational change with a focus on employee engagement and adoption. 💼 Here are a few highlights of my recent projects: ☎️ Bouygues Telecom (2022/2023): Audit / impact analysis of the french e-Invoicing reform #RFE2024 🚇 RATP (2019 / 2021): - Assisted the Head of Digital Department (SID/TED) in driving a company-wide digitalization program. - Supported the launch of a digital academy for all employees. - Managed the change management stream for the new Group portal. 🏭GMF (2017/2018): Assisted the Chief Digital Officer on various projects (Digital Roadmap, Portfolio management,...) 🏭AXA Group Operations (2015/2018): Assisted HR Department in the set up of the digital transformation plan 🌟 Let's bring your business into the digital age with confidence! Connect with me here on LinkedIn or reach out via email to discuss how Digi@sens can elevate your organization to new heights. .Read More

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Mutuelle Nationale des Hospitaliers (MNH)
La Mutuelle Nationale des Hospitaliers et des professionnels de la santé et du social (MNH) est née le 1er février 1960 de la volonté des hospitaliers de couvrir solidairement leurs besoins de protection en santé. En près de 60 ans d’existence, elle est devenue le partenaire de référence des acteurs de la santé et du social en tant que spécialiste de la couverture complémentaire santé et de la prévoyance des hospitaliers. La Mutuelle Nationale des Hospitaliers est aujourd’hui la mutuelle affinitaire de référence du monde de la santé. Elle compte près de 600 000 adhérents et protège près d’1 million de bénéficiaires, professionnels de la santé et ayants-droit. .Read More

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