Arthur Grout

Arthur Grout

Arthur Grout is a highly experienced professional with 9.7 years of work experience. He is based in China and has worked at AS INTERNATIONAL in France as the Development Director in the Business Development department since January 2014. AS INTERNATIONAL, founded in 1983, is a company with 51-200 employees that specializes in Truck Transportation, Transportation, Logistics, and Storage. .Read More

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AS INTERNATIONAL2014-01-01 - Present
AS INTERNATIONAL was founded in 1983 in the textile and clothing sector by two French manufacturers to support manufacturers, importers, brands and distributors in their quality strategies and operations. +30 years later, thanks to their recognized technical expertise and their dynamism in the opening of new locations in the countries of production, AS INTERNATIONAL has become one of the largest global networks of French quality expertise. Our departments Design Office, Laboratory & Testing, Product Inspection, Supplier Audit, Certification and Consulting bring quality solutions to our customers every day on 4 continents, 26 countries and 2 distinct industries (Textile & Clothing / Home & Leisure). To benefit from the best technical expertise, we organized our divisions by industry based on product-specific teams. We set up every operating procedure convinced by innovation, proximity, excellence, expertise and sustainability, where flexibility, adaptability and responsiveness are the key values. Providing quality solutions to our customers is what we have been doing every day with passion for 30+ years. #Human #Technical #Product #Method FOLLOW US FACEBOOK : YOUTUBE : TWITTER : XING : .Read More

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