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Bambang Handoko Gunawan

Bambang Handoko Gunawan

Bambang Handoko Gunawan is an experienced professional with 35.2 years of work experience. He is based in Indonesia and has worked at Indomarco Adi Prima as a Regional General Manager in the General Management department since September 1, 1988. He also has experience as a GMR in other departments. Indomarco Adi Prima is a manufacturing company founded in 1952 with a large staff of 1001-5000 employees. .Read More

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Indomarco Adi Prima
Indomarco Adi Prima (IAP) is a fully subsidiary of Indofood that operating as strategic business unit in distribution. We have the most extensive distribution network in Indonesia, reach out to almost every remote spot in the country. Since 2005, our stock point quantity has been growing significantly that enable us to penetrate and compete by delivering the product through efficient supply chain. .Read More

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