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Our story began more than 40 years ago. Today we are a global company, among the largest players in the energy sector in Europe and the 4th largest producer of wind energy, with almost 13 MW of installed capacity. We are proud to be a leading utility integrated in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (World). We want to build a new energy by promoting renewable sources. To do this, we have chosen ... ... To be 100% green by 2030; ... To aim for 20 GW of renewable installed capacity by 2025; .... To innovate, to shape the energy sector; .... Empower our communities to live more sustainably. Ours is the energy that strives to create a better future, inspired by people from 3 continents, 29 markets and 44 different nationalities. It is the energy that knows no borders, that never sleeps, and that connects us to you. We will harness wind, sun and water to lead the energy transition. We will all be green. We choose the Earth. Welcome to the official EDP Group LinkedIn page. .Read More

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