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Chuang Han is the Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer at Stardust.AI, a company based in Beijing, China. He is also the Engineering Manager at Airwallex. Chuang Han attended Carnegie Mellon University. With a background in technology and information, he has extensive experience in general management. Xing Chen Shu Ju, founded in 2017, is a technology company with a focus on internet, media, and technology. .Read More

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Chuang Han is the Co-Founder &a; Chief Technology Officer at Stardust.AI. He is the Engineering Manager at Airwallex. He attended Carnegie Mellon University. .Read More

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Stardust ( is a company built by machine learning experts to provide one-stop training data solutions for AI modeling and applications. Our services include image/video annotation, audio transcription, as well as OCR recognition. We have built highly optimized production lines for various application scenarios like autonomous driving, facial recognition, NLP, search relevance, and chatbot to name a few. Stardust have proudly served world-class companies and educational institutions like Tencent, Baidu, Face++, Xiaomi, CUHK, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, etc. .Read More

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