Colin Walters

Colin Walters

Colin Walters is a highly experienced Director with over 41 years of work experience. He has a strong background in CCTV, access control, alarm systems, security management, and fire alarm. Based in Leicester, United Kingdom, Colin has a proven track record of enhancing his effectiveness in multi-functional business environments. He is known for his enthusiasm, commitment, and motivation to drive results. Colin's specialties include innovation, teamwork, and customer focus. He has held various management positions, including Managing Director and Operations Manager. .Read More

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A focused Director, who has gained valuable work experience in a wide variety of commercial environments enabling him to enhance his effectiveness within a multi-functional business environment. An enthusiastic, committed and motivated individual, who has the ability to encourage and motivate a workforce with energy and a drive for results achieved through his ability to innovate, communicate and focus on results driven from providing an outstanding customer experience.Specialties: Innovation, teamwork and customer focus. Commercial and operational management. Implementation and improvement of innovative technology solutions and integration through acquisitions. Project Management. Team Building. .Read More

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Wholesome, with a heart warming message behind it at a time when doing things for others is so important ❤️ .Read More
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UTC Fire & Security
UTC Fire & Security1988-04-01 - Present
Legacy company now known as Carrier Fire and Security .Read More

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Security Monitoring Centres UK & Ireland