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Consonni Roberto is an experienced professional with a background in general management. He has worked at Zambon in Italy as the Chief Executive Officer and CEO, where he focused on pharmaceutical manufacturing and chemical manufacturing. With over 1001-5000 staff, Zambon is a well-established company founded in 1906. Consonni Roberto's expertise and leadership have contributed to the success of the company in the pharmaceutical industry. He is currently based in Milan, Lombardy, Italy. .Read More

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Zambon is a modern healthcare company founded on the history and values of an Italian family and committed to innovating cure & care to improve patients’ lives. Present in Europe, America and Asia with over 2,700 employees and manufacturing units in Italy, Switzerland, France, China and Brazil, in 2021 the Group revenues amounted to 696 million euros. The Pharma company, with its 23 subsidiaries and products commercialized in 87 countries, has taken a new role in the industry. In addition to pain and diseases of the respiratory system and urological system, Zambon is establishing a global pipeline and introducing important treatments for serious diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease, Cystic Fibrosis, BOS and NCFB. Zambon produces high quality products thanks to the management of the whole production chain which involves Zach (Zambon Chemicals), a privileged partner for API, custom synthesis and generic products. Recognizing the ever-growing importance of innovative technologies and the digitalization of healthcare, Zambon complements the offering of medicines with modern health solutions: Zcube - Zambon Research Venture – actively scouts and supports the growth of innovative projects and startups. Among them, in 2018 Zcube founded Careapt, a new startup which develops integrated Hi-Tech/Hi-Touch solutions for chronic disease management. Zambon was established in 1906 in Vicenza and is headquartered in Milan within OpenZone, the scientific campus where knowledge is shared between partners in the field of Healthcare, founded with the aim to transform research into enterprise. .Read More

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