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CyperNetic Clips is a professional based in the United Arab Emirates. With a strong background in general management, CyperNetic has been working at Rais Hassan Saadi Group as the owner. Rais Hassan Saadi Group, founded in 1910, is a transportation, logistics, supply chain, and storage company with a team of 51-200 employees. CyperNetic's expertise and experience make them a valuable asset in the industry. .Read More

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Rais Hassan Saadi Group
The firm of RAIS HASSAN SAADI was founded in 1910 and ranks among the leading commercial enterprises in Dubai. Since inception, the core business has been shipping and freight related services. The management of the Group has always been under the personal care of its Directors, who enjoy an excellent rapport with the business community and industry as well as local authorities. With offices in all the major UAE ports, the group employs over 1800 trained and experienced personnel, well versed in all aspects of ship agency and allied activities. .Read More

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