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Welcome to Enhanced Media. We are entirely committed to telling stories through sound. We specialize in creating a complete audio post-production and sound design experience, whilst mixing every project to the highest technical standard. By doing everything in-house, we look after all aspects of audio-post production, striving to provide the very best service. Whether it’s sound design, sound mixing, foley and sound effects editing and design, ADR or dialogue editorial, our studio makes sure every sound element contributes to your production’s emotional landscape and storytelling. Our state-of-the-art studio offers your audio the professional finish it requires to convey your message. Our Dolby®-calibrated facility boasts a natural 5.1 surround mixing environment that allows us to tailor your mix for both cinema, TV, or any other broadcast medium, whilst crafting a truly memorable audio experience able to build powerful momentum and evoke emotions. We understand music as a major storytelling tool. Music is pivotal for underlying the emotions of the message you want to convey. We offer a complete array of film scoring and music production services, including composing, arranging and orchestrating, making our original compositions serve the story. Film scoring and music are an integral component of our full range of audio post-production services, and we take care of supervising the music mix so it rides into one cohesive audio experience. Enhanced Media gathers a network of audio specialists with extensive experience in all aspects of sound. We can help develop your media at every stage, from pre-production consulting to post-production sound services, ensuring that your project is delivered at its full sonic potential. .Read More

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