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Daniele Stelladoro
Daniele Stelladoro is an experienced professional with 15.2 years of work experience in sales, clinical support, medical equipment, healthcare assistance, product sales, and ospedali. Based in Italy, he is currently working as an Agente per Medtronic, specializing in Advanced Ablation Solutions, OsteoCool (I.O.) and Gada Italia. Daniele has previously worked at Cordis in the United States as an Agente and at Medtronic as an Agente and Owner. He also has experience in interventional oncology, neuromodulation, and pain management. .Read More

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Agente per: * Medtronic - Advanced Ablation Solutions, OsteoCool (I.O.) * Gada Italia - Vagal Nerve Stimulation (VNS) .Read More

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