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Doug Ritchie

Doug Ritchie is a highly experienced professional with 35.3 years of work experience in the plastics industry. He has a strong background in product development, manufacturing, polymers, extrusion, and injection molding. As the President at Star Plastics, Inc. in Ravenswood, WV, he has played a crucial role in the growth and success of the company. With his expertise in strategic planning and continuous improvement, Doug has successfully led the company in the manufacturing operations management and sales management roles. .Read More

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President at Star Plastics, Inc., Ravenswood, WV .Read More

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Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Ravenswood, WV, Star Plastics is a leading producer of high-quality engineered compounds, product solutions and services, including an extensive line of recycled-content products. Combining product formulation expertise, process technology, extensive in-house lab testing capabilities and three decades of experience with recycled resins, Star offers a growing line of high-performance, custom-engineered compounds and specialty products that meet customers’ evolving needs in demanding end-use applications. The team at Star Plastics prides themselves on being responsive to customer requirements with a high level of technical aptitude and strong product knowledge. Our brand pillars – Partnership + Problem-Solving, Fast + Flexible, Rigorous + Reliable, Innovative + Evolving, and Engineering + Expertise – reflect Star Plastics’ five points of competitive advantage and how the Star treatment leads to star performance for its customers. For more information, visit .Read More

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