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Elise Morgan

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Elise Morgan is a highly experienced professional with 15.5 years of work experience in various roles. She possesses a wide range of skills including email marketing, marketing communications, Google Analytics, digital marketing, and marketing. Based in London, United Kingdom, Elise is the owner and jeweller behind Crackle Jewellery, specializing in handcrafting precious metals and gemstones. She has a strong background in Merchant experience and has successfully led product teams across both the commercial and charity sectors. Elise's passion for design and experimentation has been evident throughout her career. .Read More

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I am the owner and jeweller behind Crackle Jewellery.I handcraft each piece of jewellery from precious metals and gemstones from my London studio. Previously I worked as a product director focused on Merchant experience, I am well versed in creating and leading strong product teams across Fintech and platforms products. I have significant experience in both the commercial and charity sectors with a strong passion for design and experimentation, always striving for that added delight. .Read More

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I don't normally share many posts on here - but want to share a few large changes that have come about recently. Firstly, I have made the HUGE decision to step away from my full time role as a Product Director - well at least for now. I hit the wall of professional burnout. I have been trying to deny it for a while, but working longer hours from home has blurred the lines between working time and relaxation time to the point where I found it hard to switch off or indeed at times switch on! Something I didn't anticipate was how hard it would be to share honestly with everyone why I was stepping back. The stigma of mental health is breaking down, but I worried I would be judged or penalised for sharing what was happening inside. I contemplated not saying why I was leaving, but a