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Francis Moes

Francis Moes is a business owner at Optical Center, a retail company based in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He has extensive experience in general management, having previously worked at Optical Center in Paris, France. Optical Center, founded in 1991, is a large retail company with over 1001-5000 employees. Francis Moes is dedicated to his role as a business owner and has a strong background in the retail industry. .Read More

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Paris, FR
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Business Owner at Optical Center .Read More

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Optical Center
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Enseigne d'optique créée en 1991 par Laurent Levy, les magasins Optical Center offrent un choix de montures (optique et solaire) et de verres de toutes marques aux meilleurs prix. Depuis 2007, les magasins Optical Center proposent l'Audiologie dans tous ces magasins. .Read More

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