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Goran Djordjevic

Goran Djordjevic is a professional with extensive experience in general management. He has worked at Astro in Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur-Kuala Lumpur as the Owner of the General Management department. Astro is a company with a large staff of 5001-10000 and specializes in entertainment providers. Goran Djordjevic's expertise and leadership have contributed to the success of Astro in the entertainment industry. .Read More

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Astro Malaysia Holdings Berhad 201101004392 (932533-V) is Malaysia’s leading content and entertainment company, serving 5.6 million homes or 72% of Malaysian TV households, 8,000 enterprises, 17.5 million weekly radio listeners across FM and digital, 14.0 million digital monthly unique visitors and 3.2 million shoppers across its TV, radio, digital and commerce platforms .Read More

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