Ho-Mann Chin
Ho-Mann Chin is a Deputy General Manager at Hyundai E&C in South Korea. He has extensive experience working in the General Management department at Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co.,Ltd. in Seoul. With over 10001+ staff, Hyundai is a renowned company in the construction industry. Ho-Mann Chin's expertise and leadership skills contribute to the success of the company. .Read More

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Deputy General Manager at Hyundai E&C .Read More

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Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co.,Ltd.
South Korea's leading construction company since 1947. Hyundai Engineering & Construction contributes to building the foundation for civil engineering, architecture, plant, power, offshore and nuclear power stations, and creates a better foundation for life. We will increase the future value of life as a catalyst for the convergence of future technology and industry. For more info check the following ▼ ○ Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/HDEC.Global ○ Officail website : http://en.hdec.kr .Read More

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