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Construction Engineers Australia (CEA)
Construction Engineers Australia (CEA) is a highly-respected, niche engineering consultancy that offers vital independent insight and expertise to infrastructure and mine projects. Our Australian-based team has a ‘work anywhere’ approach, having successfully delivered projects across Australia and in New Zealand, Peru, Indonesia, Hong Kong and New Caledonia. Specialising in earthworks and mass haul strategies, alongside wider construction management and project review services, our team is renowned for identifying where and how the greatest value can be created to support wider project objectives. Our passion is in the civil disciplines that are typically ‘less sexy’ and yet are powerful levers in productivity, safety and ultimate profitability. We have a proven ability to set up new projects to maximise certainty and success, and position existing projects to achieve a step change in delivery. Our experienced team of engineers, estimators, auditors and inspectors works with infrastructure and mine owners, designers and contractors, and asset managers to deliver civil and business improvement results – at any stage of a project’s lifecycle. We take a collaborative, flexible approach to contribute not only technical excellence but also strengthen project interfaces, team relationships and individual capabilities. For clients, our priority is finding the best path to achieve their desired outcomes – whether remotely, in-house or on site – across Australia and around the world. Our team is highly mobile and can be quickly deployed for short-term assignments. We also have a history of providing team members for long-term roles. Please contact us for more information on our services and how we can add value on projects. .Read More

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