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Jean Van Wetter is the Managing Director at Enabel, a company based in Belgium. With a strong background in international development and project management, Jean has extensive experience in capacity building, program evaluation, and strategic planning. He is skilled in areas such as corporate social responsibility, policy analysis, and community development. Jean attended Solvay Brussels School and has a passion for sustainable development and sustainable development. He is a dedicated professional with a passion for research and community development. .Read More

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Jean Van Wetter is the Managing Director at Enabel. He attended Solvay Brussels School. .Read More

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Artificial intelligence is both an opportunity and a threat. It has the potential to allow some countries to leapfrog development stages and redesign geopolitics. It will also surely change the way we do international cooperation. In order to be prepared for it, Enabel together with the Estonian Centre for International Development (ESTDEV) , the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change , Expertise France , the Digital for Development (D4D) Hub and the European Commission , is organizing an event next week in Brussels. Some of the key questions we will try to answer are the following: - How will AI influence the work of international cooperation agencies with institutional partners on the African continent? - How will AI impact private sector development in emerging economies? - How can African countries make practical use of AI in the public sector? - How can we bridge the new AI divide through increased access to compute? This is a closed event. Should you want to participate and contribute, do not hesitate to contact me. #enablingchange #AI #Artificialintelligence Sebastian Otte Maxime Heyndrickx Kirsten Van Camp Evelien Masschelein .Read More
February 18 2024
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We are the Belgian development agency, implementing Belgium’s governmental international cooperation. The agency also works for other national and international commissioners. With our partners in Belgium and abroad, we offer solutions to address pressing global challenges - Climate Change, Urbanisation, Human Mobility, Peace and Security, Economic and Social Inequality - and to promote Global Citizenship. With 2,000 staff, Enabel manages about 170 projects in twenty countries, in Belgium, Africa and the Middle East. .Read More

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