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Joshua Metcalf is a highly skilled professional with over 20 years of experience in various fields such as autocad, project management, and construction. He is OSHA 10 hour certified and has expertise in troubleshooting and problem-solving. Joshua has worked as a Gas Field Engineer at NIPSCO and has also held positions as a Project Manager and Owner. He is known for his mechanical aptitude and expertise in solar energy. Joshua is currently based in the United States and is known for his excellent time management and engineering skills. .Read More

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I am a natural gas distribution engineer turned solar engineer and entrepreneur. I crave and excel with problem solving, change, and continuous improvement. I enjoy disrupting the norm and seeking better solutions. As an energy engineer that has spent much of my time active in the field, I pride myself as being able to apply practical and technical solutions. I strive to gain an understanding of every aspect of a company in order to improve my deliverables to exceed company goals.One of my biggest strengths is also my weakness, I like to stay busy, often taking on more than I should. During college I worked full time, purchased and renovated a home to have cheap "room & board", and was still able to finish my undergraduate in 4.5 years while changing my major once. After college I continued working in warehousing and started working part time for a small solar EPC focusing primarily on residential and small commercial solar and wind. I eventually landed my first engineering job with Nipsco as a gas field engineer starting as a contractor, hired on within 6 months, worked my way up to Senior gas field engineer and took on the role of gas systems owner. I began striving for more and decided to open my own business as a "side hustle". My love for the energy industry continued to grow and the opportunity to get back into the solar industry was presented to me and I couldn't pass it up knowing what was to come over the next few year. I spent the next year and half working for a growing solar EPC which was an amazing opportunity as I got to perform every task from sales, design, interconnection, to physically installing. My drive to continually learn and seek opportunity brought me to where I am today, and my position as project engineer for Nextera Energy Resources. In my current role I focus on early stage solar and BESS design and optimization to support origination in creating winning proposals for commercial and industrial customers, and community solar. I also support development with documents for utility interconnections. I am looking forward to gaining my NABCEP PV Installation Professional Certification, and also my PMP certification. I plan to continue gaining knowledge from other departments and hope to some day take on a role to lead a small team. .Read More

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I wanted to give an unsponsored shoutout to Sense home monitoring. I have the ability to monitor my solar through my SMA America inverter but Sense allows me to see my home usage and how the solar is being used at any given time! Sense uses patterns and historical data to determine what type of appliances are using the power and recommends equipment in use. You can then verify by turning on the equipment and seeing if sense recognized the correct appliance or you can rename it. Very simple process. It does take several weeks before most appliances will be recognized. After only a few months of use, number one thing I noticed was how much my electric hot water heater uses, and more shockingly my dehumidifier!!! My basement will always need a dehumidifier but it runs almost constantly at avg 500w. This lets me know that I can use roughly $15/mo to decide if it makes sense to invest in basement waterproofing. I live in an old farm home with fieldstone foundation which is very permeable. Basement remediation is expensive but so is $15-20/mo forever…. My water heater is not very old, and I replaced gas for electric since I was expanding my solar. I am excited to run some more numbers and combined with lots of incentives and tax credits right now, to see if a different type of water heater would be a good investment. If your a number cruncher, just want to save on electricity, or a gadget person; For a few hundred dollars, you can gain tons on incite on your electrical usage that if used right should pay for itself! Would also be extremely useful for monitoring your home usage for off-grid, assuming you had internet. During a multi day power outage, I moved the CTs to my gasoline generator inputs and was able to monitor how much I was drawing from the generator and could determine if I needed to turn off breakers or if I was straining generator. This is valuable data for when I decide to size my future battery storage for my home. Install - very easy for anyone who has done basic electrical work and is comfortable with their abilities, otherwise you might have to pay an electrician for an hour of their time. Shut off main breaker, connect to a new or existing 240V breaker, remove a knock out for antenna, clip on CTs for incoming lines, and clip on CTs for solar option if you have it. Then it’s a quick startup process with an app on your phone! 20 minutes and done! Currently I believe it is only for single phase. They do have revenue grade CTs available for solar monitoring if needed. Screenshots taken April 4th around 8am. Last image is dehumidifier data, which may be slightly low as it was off for a few days. #energysaving #energymonitoring #solar #energysavings #residentialsolar #batterystorage #batterybackup .Read More
May 10 2023
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