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Junjie Huang is a highly skilled consultant with 10.7 years of experience. Based in the United States, she has expertise in brainstorm facilitation, product development, strategic planning, and product design. Junjie has worked in the Neo bike shop since April 2013, specializing in the Neo bike shop. She is fluent in both Chinese and English and has a strong ability to communicate with foreign companies and import different products worldwide. Junjie has also contributed to the success of the Neo bike shop by promoting the famous athletes and organizing events. .Read More

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I am a student at Indiana University. However, I also have a job in China.I have worked in the Neo bike shop since April, 2013. Because I can speak both Chinese and English fluently, I can communicate with foreign company and import different product all over the world to China. Moreover, I am good at brainstorming. I gave my company many strategies and all of it are work successfully. I sponsored the famous athletes, imported many new products and hold different events to appeal customers. I increased 50 percent revenue of our bike shop in one year and made the Neo bike shop becomes the one of the most famous bike shops in my hometown. .Read More

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  • Indiana University Student2013-08-01 - Present
    Indiana University has nine total campuses: IU Bloomington, IU East, IU Kokomo, IU Northwest, IUPUI, IU Southeast, IU South Bend, IUPUC, and IU Fort Wayne. .Read More


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