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Ken Amari is a highly experienced professional with 12.6 years of work experience. He has worked in various project management roles, including product planning, business development, and strategic alliance at Azbil Corporation. Ken has also held positions such as General Manager, Corporate Planning Department, and General Manager, Corporate Planning Department. He has expertise in areas such as carbon Neutral markets, environmental marketing, and facility management. Ken has a strong background in business development and has successfully managed projects in the energy-related market. .Read More

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Various project management from product planning to business development including strategic alliance in Azbil Corporation (Yamatake Corporation) <2022.7-> Deputy Director, GX(Green Transformation) Solution Department. Responsible for business development, alliance, and investment especially in Carbon Neutral related markets. <2020- > General Manager, Corporate Planning Department: Responsible for corporate planning and public relations. <2017- > Corporate Planning Department: Responsible for the business side of corporate planning including alliance and M&A strategy. <2012-2017> Environmental Marketing Department: Business Development in the field of environment preservation and energy saving. Started up cloud building energy management solutions and demand response services. <2004-2011> Facility Management Headquarters: Started up Facility Management Services based on my own proposal, and provide the services for clients who have mission-critical facilities such as data centers. <1998-2004> Business Development Department: Planning of new business in energy-related market. <1991-1997> Marketing Department: Product planning of Building Automation Systems, Open protocol such as BACnet and LonWorks. .Read More

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Azbil Southeast Asia & India
The azbil Group is centered on three core business entities: Building Automation, Advanced Automation, and Life Automation. BUILDING AUTOMATION We develop and manufacture an extensive range of building automation products; from building automation systems and security systems through to application software, controllers, valves and sensors; thus realizing high functionality and quality. These products and services are provided through an integrated framework, ranging from instrumentation design to sales, engineering, maintenance, energy-saving solutions and facility operation and management. ADVANCED AUTOMATION We solve problems at plants, factories, and a variety of other production sites by providing products, solutions, instrumentation, engineering and maintenance services to support optimal operation of our customers'​ facilities and equipment throughout their life cycle. Through collaboration with the people involved in production, we develop advanced measurement and control technologies, strive to realize production sites where workers can safely develop their skills, and create new value for our customers. LIFE AUTOMATION Providing friendly and attentive service related to living environments, essential utilities like gas and water, life sciences research, the pharmaceutical and medical fields, and other areas, we help people to live active and full lives by applying measurement, control, and metering technologies developed over many years in the building, plant, factory, and utilities infrastructure fields. * Usage Policy * Guidelines on the Use of azbil Group Social Media .Read More

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