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Matt Kunimoto

Matt Kunimoto is a highly skilled professional with 11.5 years of experience in programming and computer science. He is proficient in languages such as Arduino, Java, JavaScript, and Python, as well as programming languages like C, C#, JavaScript, Python, R, SQL, HTML, and CSS. He is also proficient in operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Raspbian. Matt has worked as a Systems Engineer I at Mast Reforestation and as a Senior Design Project: Hexacopter Drone Guided With Image Recognition. He has also gained valuable experience as a Computer Engineering Intern and a Summer Engineering Intern. Matt is a member of IEEE and holds a Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society. .Read More

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Technical Skills:• Languages: C, C++, C#, JavaScript, Python, R, SQL, HTML, and CSS• Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, and Raspbian• Microcontrollers/computers: Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and PIC• Communication Methods: TCP, UDP, UART, I2C, SPI, and RS-232• Systems/Environments: Amazon Web Services, MySQL, and Microsoft Visual StudioActivities/Achievements: • Eagle Scout – Boy Scouts of America • Member of IEEE – Eta Kappa Nu Honor Society • Member of Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society .Read More

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Datablanket is an early-stage start-up aimed to create a measurable decline in loss of life, property, and forests to wildfire and substantially reduce wildfire emissions. .Read More