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Micah Ensor is a highly experienced professional with 19.4 years of work experience in various roles. She possesses a wide range of skills including home care, healthcare management, healthcare compliance, and Medicare. Based in the United States, Micah is known for her entrepreneurial mindset and ability to promote growth and development. She is a natural leader who excels at utilizing her knowledge and skills to contribute to the success of her employer. Micah brings a solid work ethic, strong communication skills, and energizing personality to bring teams together and achieve organizational goals. .Read More

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I utilize my knowledge, skills and abilities to promote growth and development. I am entrepreneurial minded with an emphasis on creativity and innovation. As a natural born leader, I hold myself to a high level of ethical standards to be utilized as an asset to my employer. I bring a solid work ethic, strong communication skills and an energizing personality to bring teams together and motivate them to accomplish any and all goals set forth by the organization. .Read More

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Money motivates but only temporarily. The potential for exponential increase in money will motivate longer but there is always someone else willing to pay more money. There are also status symbols to consider as well as elements of power but the single greatest motivating factor, one that people will kill for and die for..... is the MISSION. The MISSION of a country, religion, government, charity, social group, organization etc. creates the deepest bond within people that can more than make up for lower pay, longer hours, lack of status, poor benefits etc.. The challenge is: how do you effectively communicate your mission on the daily? How do you weave it into the fabric of what you do? How does it stay front and center? How can you intentionally apply the mission into your decision making process? My question to you is: How do you make the MISSION come alive to your employees and/or team mates? What have you seen organizations do to effectively integrate their MISSION into the day to day? I would love to hear from you in the comments! .Read More
February 29 2020
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MGA Homecare
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MGA Homecare has been providing Private Duty Nursing, Skilled Nursing Visits, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech Therapy services within the home and community-based setting for over a decade. While recently opening its doors to MGA Behavior Therapy which offers Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and early behavior intervention for pediatric patients with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities within the Colorado Springs and surrounding areas. We aim to help our patients and their families by delivering high-quality clinical care in the comfort of their homes. Our goal is to make the lives of our patients and their families easier by demonstrating compassion and integrity at the heart of everything we do. By bringing individualized attention and support throughout every MGA Homecare location. Our convenient locations throughout the states of Arizona, Colorado, North Carolina, Texas, Washington, and Tennessee are here to be a resource for patients and families .Read More

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