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Michael Smetana

Michael Smetana is a certified detailing professional with 11.4 years of experience in the automotive industry. He is certified in detailing and has a strong background in vehicles and auto detailing. Based in the United States, Michael is passionate about managing business and working in a fastenal setting. He is passionate about achieving the highest level of success and is committed to delivering high-quality work. With a focus on the automotive sector, Michael is dedicated to delivering exceptional results and achieving success in his role. .Read More

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Having the time to manage business and work type of life is something only true talented people can achieve. I'm now working for the same company for almost 3 years and have great knowledge in many aspects of decision making. Now, having a small business and working full time (over 40 hrs) per week, makes me an overachiever, but in true sense its the the type of life you'd like to live that pushes me to work harder. "We work 60 hrs per week so we don't have to work the 40 hr weekdays"! Thank You, and thanks for reading my summary! .Read More

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Fastenal2015-10-01 - Present
By providing three things – truly local service, the world’s largest vending program, and unmatched inventory management – Fastenal saves your business time and money. Who are Fastenal's customers? • Organizations wanting to strengthen their supply chains. • Businesses looking to streamline their operations. • Campuses planning for tomorrow. In a world of disruptions, Fastenal is a supply chain partner you can count on .Read More

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