Naomi Kuno, CPC-A

Naomi Kuno, CPC-A

Naomi Kuno, CPC-A is an experienced Chief Financial Officer with 8.8 years of work experience in the medical practice industry. She is skilled in strategic planning, management, process improvement, medical coding, leadership, financial reporting, and managerial finance. Naomi has a strong background in healthcare management and is proficient in Microsoft Excel and accounts receivable. She is currently based in Charlottesville, Virginia, United States. Naomi has worked at Blue Ridge Medical Center as the Chief Financial Officer in the General Management department since 2015. She has a demonstrated history of working in the medical practice industry and is a graduate of Baruch College. .Read More

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Experienced Chief Financial Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the medical practice industry. Skilled in Management, Healthcare Management, Leadership, Medical Coding, and Financial Reporting. Strong finance professional graduated from Baruch College. .Read More

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Blue Ridge Medical Center
Blue Ridge Medical Center2015-01-01 - Present
Our Mission is to provide quality health care accessible to all people of Nelson County and neighboring communities; and to improve their general health and well-being through prevention, education, and treatment. Our Vision is that Blue Ridge Medical Center is a vital, vibrant health center which is recognized as the preferred provider of primary health care for people in the community and which accomplishes access to primary care and equalized disparities in health outcomes for all people of our service area.. BRMC is a federally qualified health center, whose operations are overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors made up of community members, most of whom are also our patients. BRMC is accredited by The Joint Commission ( ). This is the same organization that accredits hospitals. In order for an organization to be accredited, a team of independent health care professionals performs a strenuous survey of the organization about every three years to determine that they meet the highest standards in their field. Less than 10% of all primary care organizations in the United States have achieved this accreditation. .Read More

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  • Bachelor Of Business Administration - Bba -

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