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Owen Hawkins is a highly experienced professional with 24.9 years of work experience. He possesses a diverse skill set including management, leadership, customer service, marketing, and strategic planning. Currently, he serves as the Vice President, Manager, Brewer at 7th Wave Brewing in Medfield, Massachusetts. With a focus on food and beverage services, 7th Wave Brewing offers craft beer and merchandise to beer enthusiasts, craft beer drinkers, foodies, and more. Owen Hawkins is known for his expertise in inventory management, loss prevention, and budgets. .Read More

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Brewer, manager and vice president at 7th Wave Brewing. Find your wave. .Read More

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7th Wave Brewing
7th Wave Brewing2015-09-01 - Present
Our Wood-Fired Neapolitan Pizza is getting rave reviews! Hot from the oven: Thursday & Friday 3:00 pm - 9:00 pm, Saturday 12pm - 9pm. Enjoy a cold beer and a hot pizza pie in the tap room, game room, outside on our (dog-friendly) sprawling lawn at our umbrella tables, or with curbside pickup. .Read More

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  • Bachelor’s Degree1990 - 1994

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