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Quentin Blackford is a highly experienced corporate executive with 24.9 years of work experience. He possesses a wide range of skills including medical devices, forecasting, cross-functional team leadership, acquisition integration, and strategic planning. Based in Encinitas, California, Quentin has a proven track record of driving growth and maximizing value in the multi-billion healthcare market. He is known for his ability to bridge the gap between market performance and culture creation. Quentin has played key roles in global healthcare corporations, specializing in corporate leadership for hypergrowth and driving improvements in quality of life. He has a strong background in business vision, international business growth, and strategic problem-solving. .Read More

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Transformational, Profitable Growth and Maximum Value Creation Driven, growth-oriented, innovative, and multidimensional corporate executive—accelerating growth at the apex of strategic business vision, financial discipline, and operational excellence for immediate and enduring returns. Exceptional track record, uncovering opportunities for next-level growth, and guiding NYSE & Nasdaq listed corporations in staying ahead of business shifts to protect and fuel maximum stakeholder ROI in the multi-billion healthcare market. Holistic perspective leader, connecting the dots between market performance, culture creation, and positive impact on the patient populace. Consistently entrusted with building, growing, or creating something new for global multinational corporations—known for integrating the disciplined business direction needed as a cross-functional strategist (finance, operations, business growth)—serving as a shareholder/stakeholder champion. Played key roles for fast-moving global organizations, specializing in corporate leadership for hypergrowth, while driving improvements in quality of life. A successful career as EVP/COO and CFO and Corporate Controller of industry-leading US / global healthcare corporations across EMEA, Asia, and Latin America. IMPACT: ► Steady transformation by seizing opportunities for incremental growth–optimizing every corner of the business for maximum value creation. ► Accelerated revenue & earnings growth by keeping a finger on the pulse of healthcare market trends, navigating twist and turns in a high-opportunity market. ► Evolved organizations into hypergrowth engines by fostering an organizational culture that thrives through change, hold a vision of growth and focus on the bottom-line—patients and communities. EXPERTISE: ✓ BUSINESS VISION: International Business Growth | Profitable Relationships-Building | Board & Stakeholder Influence | Strategic Problem-Solving | Pipeline Development & Negotiations ✓ FINANCIAL PLANNING: Revenue Growth & Earnings Growth | Acquisition & Merger Integrations | B2B & B2C Environments | P&L / Cost Reduction | Investor Credibility ✓ OPERATIONS DISCIPLINE: Publicly Traded Corporate Controller | Cultural Leadership, Influence, & Intelligence | Business-Transforming Change Agent | Operations Management & Team Building | Policy Development / Process Improvement .Read More

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Paragon 28 was established in 2010 as an orthopedic foot and ankle company. The name “Paragon 28” was chosen to show that we are exclusively a foot and ankle company, with the “28” representing the number of bones in the foot. We will remain true to that vision. Paragon 28 was started as a small, family-based company and we have kept those core ideals as we have grown. Our mission is to strategically build a company around the core principles that drive innovation and quality. Relentlessly