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Quoc Luong is a highly skilled professional with 9.7 years of experience. He is proficient in Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, Word, and Excel, as well as public speaking. Based in San Francisco, California, Quoc has a strong background in innovation and inventoring of Hera, a backpack-sized drone that improves lift capacity and payloads. He has also built a drone-based technology that increases range, portability, visibility, effectiveness, and soldier safety. Quoc has achieved significant cost-incurred by other startups and has built Real-time Robotics from scratch into a disruptive and efficient drone company. .Read More

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1. INNOVATION:1.1 Inventor of Hera (patent pending), a backpack-sized drone that improves lift capacity by more than ten times, and the number of payloads carried by four times compared to the current competition. 1.2 Inventor of a new drone-based technology (patent pending) that increases range, portability, visibility, effectiveness, and soldier safety of shoulder-operated missiles like Javelin and stinger.2. EFFICIENCY:2.1 Brought the disruptive Hera from patent filing to commercial delivery in 10 months.2.2 Achieved all of the above at one 10th of the costs typically incurred by other startups.2.3 Built Real-time Robotics from scratch into one of the most disruptive and efficient drone companies in the world3. LIFELONG LEARNER:Growing from a street boy into a Ph.D. graduate from UC Berkeley4. GOAL:Drive drone innovations to serve and advance humanity .Read More

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#Hera_promised and #Hera_delivers . The impossible is made possible with Hera’s actual flights. Imagine a drone half the size of the DJI M300, yet has more than twice the might of the DJI M600 – That is Hera. The backpacked Hera flies 58 minutes, lifts multiple payloads up to 15 kg, features 360-degree FOV for all payloads, and tracks multiple targets simultaneously and independently. Come see Hera and meet the Realtime Robotics team at Booth #755 at Commercial UAV Expo in Las Vegas Sep 6-8. #hera #rtr #realtimerobotics #drones #uav #ExpoUAV #robotics .Read More
September 15 2022
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Realtime Robotics
Realtime Robotics2014-03-01 - Present
Real-time Robotics (RtR) is a California-based company. Our mission is to invent and innovate drone technologies to advance humanity. Making drones to support a greener agriculture, to fight wildfire, to respond to disasters, to promote clean energy, to keep the public safe, to protect the environment, etc. Is to advance humanity. RtR was founded by Phd graduates from UC Berkeley and other leading universities. We have more than 40 talented R&D engineers. We design and build our whole drone systems in-house including airframes, electronics, payloads, hand-held controllers, ground control stations, batteries, chargers, firmware, and software. Our clients include government agencies, drone service providing companies, end users, and also other drone manufacturers. We are open to collaboration with all partners (drone makers included) as long as it serves to advance humanity. Real Time Robotics Vietnam Company LTD ℹ︎ LOT I-4b-4.2 Road N3, Sai Gon Hi-Tech Park, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 📧 [email protected] .Read More

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