Sarel Griesel

Sarel Griesel

Sarel Griesel is a highly experienced professional with 35.3 years of work experience. He possesses a wide range of skills including business process design, strategic planning, people management, change management, and internal and external communications. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Sarel has a strong background in engineering and has successfully initiated and directed various projects within different disciplines. He is proficient in English and Afrikaans and has excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Sarel is known for his ability to identify problem areas, recommend and implement workable systems, and deliver significant cost containment without compromising safety, quality, production, and service levels. He is a successful mentor and coach, always seeking challenges and delivering exceptional results. .Read More

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Combines engineering qualifications with overall general business knowledge and experience, in effectively initiating, directing and implementing strategy, business processes, change management and other projects within different disciplines, including but not limited to the Remanufacturing Division, of a major construction and mining equipment organisation. Bachelor of Engineering (Electric/Electronic) from the University of Potchefstroom. National Diploma in Electro-Technical Engineering from Vaal Triangle Technikon. Master of Customer Support, Komatsu Global Training Institute (GTI). SAP user. Proficient in Microsoft front office suite of products. Ability to view a situation from a broader perspective. Analytical decision-maker and effective strategist. Successful in identifying problem areas, recommending and implementing workable systems, processes and solutions, while bringing about significant cost containment without compromising safety, quality, production and service levels. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Ability to present at all levels and to diverse cultures. Proficient in English and Afrikaans. Interacts well on a one-to-one basis and in a group situation at superior, peer and subordinate levels, both as leader and in a key support function. Persuasive in influencing group decisions. Assertive yet diplomatic in handling sensitive and controversial issues. Good staff management, motivational and training abilities. Established track record as a successful mentor and coach. Enjoys a challenge. Flexible and innovative in applying knowledge and experience to different situations. Works well under pressure, in deadline situations, driven by time and budget parameter constraints. Ability to efficiently handle several and diverse projects simultaneously. .Read More

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