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Srinivas Pavan is a Data Scientist with work experience at Pharma Lynx, LLC in Princeton, New Jersey. He specializes in Research & Analytics and has contributed to the company's success in Pharmaceutical Distribution Services, Pharmacy Automation Technology, and Management and Consulting Services. With a team of 11-50 staff members, Pharma Lynx, LLC caters to Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Hospitals And Clinics, and Retail Pharmacies. Srinivas Pavan's expertise and experience make him a valuable asset in the field of data science. .Read More

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Pharma Lynx, LLC
At Pharma Lynx, we emphasize long-term, value added relationships with a commitment to understand our customer’s business needs. By leveraging proven industry expertise, we concentrate on providing comprehensive Clinical Trials & Data Management Services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, generic drug, and medical device companies in the areas of Oncology, Central Nervous System (CNS), Infectious Disease & Vaccines therapeutic areas. Services Offered by Pharma Lynx: - Clinical Development Plan - Site selection - Clinical monitoring - Medical monitoring - Safety monitoring - Data Management/EDC - Biostatistics Analysis - What makes Pharma Lynx unique from other CROs? Data management is a core service of Pharma Lynx and a critical element of our customer value proposition. Pharma Lynx is headquartered out of Princeton, New Jersey, USA with an offshore office in Noida, India, and an exclusive partnership in Munich, Germany. .Read More

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